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How a mom of 8 runs a Faith Led business she loves and

helps others do the same.

How a mom of 8 

runs a Faith Led 

business she loves

and helps others 

do the same.

We all want...

Building any business takes hard work and perseverance.

After 27 years of being in and around the online business world, I have learned that I love to create social impact and legacy through my mentorship of faith driven women entrepreneurs. I am CALLED an expert because one day years ago I decided I was going to really figure this whole entrepreneurial thing out.

And I did, except… while I had what some would call success, there was still a void that nothing I did could fill.  Everything changed the day I decided to take it to God. He reminded me that until I invited Him to be the CEO of my business He could not fill the the gaps that I was feeling in the areas of worth, my need for approval, and acceptance.

The Faith Led Business Community is a home that I have created for those women who know what they have yet haven’t seen the potential of what they could have running their business His way.

There comes a time when you just feel you need to do more.

I found myself there many times. Stuck, frustrated, and overwhelmed. I was a work-a-holic who was wanting more for her family but was using all the wrong methods to get results. I know where you are, because that’s where I was, investing more in my business than depositing in the bank. Why did I keep going and insist on figuring it out? I did it for my family, the people I served, and for myself.

I had a message back then, but I have an even bigger one now. Your God given gifts can take you places that you have never been before. They can create transformations that you have never fathomed before. They can grow a confidence in you so fierce that no obstacle, no matter how big, can move you. It all starts with knowing who you are so you can know what to share, so you can be a leader for others and your family. This is your chance at legacy! Let’s get visible!

This is my Journey

My First Business

I was 20 years old and had my first child. I started my first business in the health and wellness industry and I did so well that I had an extremely large team and was asked to train other people’s teams around the country.

Got My Degree

Two years later I had my second child and graduated from a Jesuit University with a double major in Religious Studies and Spanish and a minor in Sociology. This was so hard yet so rewarding! I had been working with youth retreats since the age of 15 and I had a special place in my heart for youth.

Working in Ministry

Once I graduated, I started to work in youth ministry which was my dream job. It was so rewarding and I loved it, but my children were starting to miss mommy on nights and weekends.

Paid Off Debt

I was determined to create a business that I could work around all the kids so I started a business teaching group piano and paid off 40k in debt in only a few months.

My First Online Business

Once the twins started coming it was hard to get out of the house so I created my very first online print shop on Etsy that generated over 100k in sales in it’s first year with newborn twins in tow.

Network Marketing

I continued in my pursuit of entrepreneurial experiences and went back into the Network Marketing field while I worked my Etsy shops and did really well except I started to really dislike the way Network Marketers showed up online. There had to be a better way.

Started Coaching

I decided that I needed to do something about about the lack of marketing skills in the industry and created my first online membership for Network Marketers teaching them how to show up online. I saw that the members in my group needed more help to get their businesses up and running so I also started to run a successful 1-1 coaching program.

Sanctuary Girl

Through one of my members I was introduced to Sanctuary Girl, a company who’s mission is to  equip, empower and embolden women through their faith stories with a product and company that stands behind them. I became their Director of Digital Marketing for a year and now am their Chief Global Officer! Sanctuary Girl helped me to reconnect back to my original calling in ministry.

Faith Led Business Is Born

Now we are here! It’s amazing that no part of my past was a mistake! All the years spent learning how to create a business from the ground up has served me to equip women to do the same, EXCEPT now I can do it all with His clarity, His perspective, and His guidance, and I am called to teach other amazing women to do the same.

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