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Hey, it is Techie Tuesday and today we are going to be talking all about schedulers.

Schedulers for entrepreneurs can be a lifesaver and we’re going to be exploring different points of view around schedulers and the different ways that we can, either use them or decide not to use them.

I will show you a really easy and free version of a scheduler that you can use for both Facebook as well as Instagram called Facebook Creator studio.



Facebook Creator studio give you the ability to:

-Schedule posts to your Facebook business page feed as well as cross posting to other pages.

-Schedule to the main instagram feed as well as IGTV.

-Grab snippets of your videos and have those snippets housed inside your creator studio video area to repurpose later.

-Download commercial free music for your videos.

-Those are the basics, but there is much more to explore!

The BEST part is that it’s all free and organic because it is made by Facebook. 🙌🏼

If you are looking for something more sophisticated where you can post to multiple platforms and get post ideas and content instantly added to your queue then I would recommend Smarter Queue!

If you want to check out all it’s features then you can see it here: Smarter Queue

I hope you enjoyed that quick overview of the Facebook Creator Studio. As entrepreneurs we need to maximize our time as much as possible and having a clear and strategic plan for your content is super important.

See you on the next techie post!


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