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In our free Facebook group, Faith Led Business Builders,  I posted a question asking what was their biggest struggle.  98% of the people responded, “Being able to balance my time between my family and my business and being able to juggle all the things.”

Time is the same for all of us. We all have the same 24 hours in a day. Some people in that same 24 hours seem to get amazing results while others in those same 24 hours are stuck in the same place.

Why does this happen? Why are we twiddling our thumbs all day? And, why are things not getting done?


So one of the things that I’ve learned is intention. Is everything intention first, then execution.

So what do I mean by that?
I mean that when I have the intention of doing a specific thing and I focus on that specific thing, I make that a priority. It gets done.
When it gets done, I get the results I want. It is so important to know why you’re doing something in the first place.
I have had different things where I have said verbally, these things are important to me, yet my actions are completely different because it’s not in the list of my top three things I need to get done.

Why is it that I keep putting it off? Is it really that it’s not that important? Or is it that I’m scared to do it?

Is it that I’m being too much of a perfectionist to do that specific thing? Why is it that I’m not giving it the time that it deserves?

Time mismanaged is the death of your business.Time mismanaged is the death of your family relationships.

if you were to take a diary and write down in this past week, last week, where you spent your time, is it actually where your intentions should have been?
Is it in the things that we’re going to move the needle in your business now?
Sometimes the issue is that we don’t even know what to do to move the needle. So we’re just trying.
All the things were kind of winging it. We’re trying to be present on social media. We’re trying to do as much as we can on different platforms.
We’re trying to gain visibility. We’re trying to gain a following. We’re trying to build our brand and we’re doing all of these things and they’re exhausting.
They end up exhausting us. So I’m gonna give you a tip that may give you some relief.
The tip is you can do all the things and be everywhere without having to do all the things to be everywhere.
We are underestimating the value of the content we’re creating. With 13 minutes of content in a live video you can create 20 pieces of content!
We think that every time we post, that’s the last time we can use that content.
The truth is that only about 5% of your friends see what you posted. Even if the same people see the post again we need repetition!
How many times do you have to hear the same thing before you believe it? Way to many to count.
So let’s be intentional about how we show up because one heavy lifting piece of content a week can get you through for months to come.
Winging it makes your business unscalable. Guilt makes your business unscalable.
Intentional action is everything and if we don’t have the habit to be intentional then it’s time to start creating new ones.
Even if you have every best intention in your business, if you can’t create the time freedom and have signed yourself up for two full time jobs then we aren’t
truly walking in the purpose that God has created for us. He doesn’t want us to be busy. He want’s us to be fruitful!

So my question for you today is, “Do you know what’s expected of you in your own business? Do you know where your focus will be?

Do you know where your time is going to be spent when it comes to your business?”
If the answer is no then, no worries, that’s just a starting point we all need to take. If you can’t do it alone then it’s time to start to get some accountability to help you with that.
In faith and hugs,

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