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Stop Motion videos are so fun!!! On this Techie Tuesday I share the step by step process of how to create a stop motion video for your business or for fun!

Don’t know what a stop motion video is? It’s a video where you take still images and make them move in creative ways!

For example, You can take an apple 🍎 and pretend that it’s being eaten until it completely disappears. 😱

Check out all the deets on how to create one from your phone. I used my son’s quesadilla which he conveniently left on my desk for the demo. Lol


If you want to check out the specific app I used you can find it here:

Life Lapse for iOS: Download Here

Life Lapse for Android: Download Here

Please send me links to what you create in the comments. I would love to take a peak at the creative ways you use this!

In faith and friendship,

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