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This year I committed to doing a daily live devotional for myself and for you. This particular message I believe is so important when understanding how to use your gifts to grow your business.

Your life print. It’s unique to you. No one else has it.

Our foundation of faith gives us the perfect blueprint for how to focus and proceed in business.

Listen in and let’s see what this verse means to you!


We get stuck lots of times. We don’t know what the next step is.

Lots of times there is, you know, uncertainty in how we’re running our business or our lives or we don’t have the energy.

You all know the drill. The long list of things that stop us from doing the things we are called to do. And so it is my commitment to make

sure that I have a firm foundation in His truth first before I take the next step to execute.

My execution will absolutely be less productive if I don’t start here.


I love that fingerprints, life prints, are completely your own.

Sadly, many women never truly discover there’s a divine

life print for them because they’re so busy trying to fit into

someone else’s. How many of you can identify with that?

Trying to fit into someone else’s life?


Comparisonitis is huge. It’s huge. Why?

Because now in this day and age, you don’t have to fly out somewhere to see someone’s amazingness.

You don’t have to physically go somewhere to be a witness of the gifts that someone has. All you have to do is turn on your computer

or turn on your phone and you’re able to see someone showing up and doing the things, sharing their gifts,

maybe teaching the exact same things that you are!


And so you see yourself in your current situation, in your current place, and you’re looking at that person and you’re saying,

“Wait a minute! Didn’t we start at the same time? In fact, weren’t we at that same conference and look at her now.

Look where she is now and look where I am. What happened? The problem must be me. I don’t have what it takes.”

So there’s a couple things I want to say about this.

One is there is absolutely nothing wrong with admiring someone and how they show up.

There’s a process where we’re coming into our own and before we find our own words that are unique to us and our

message or our mission, we basically emulate or kind of copy what other people say.


In order to become a master at your trade is very important to practice. So as you practice, you start adding on.


As you practice, you get more comfortable in your own skin. You get more comfortable with your own words.

The danger is never leaving that framework. And your sole purpose is just to like be a carbon copy of that person and we forget that that person has their own life print and you have yours.
Stop trying to spend your days trying to fit into someone else’s life print. It’s not going to work. You will never succeed.
We learn we learn from the best and hang around people who will push and stretch us and help us to grow that’s amazing.

Yet at the same time, we’re taking those concepts and molding them into our own. My fingerprint is not the same as yours.


Let’s not hide in someone else’s life print.

Let’s stop letting their life print create boundaries for how much we can grow and how much we can share.

Our own unique life print is the basis of our story. And guess what? Our story is the basis of our brand.

Our brand is the basis of calling in and attracting the right people to our business and our services.


When we get the right people into our business and our service people buy! Then your bank account starts to grow

and guess what? Your kids can go and have those extra curricular activities or you can take that trip to Disneyland, or you can give to a charity that desperately needs what you can give.

All of this happens because you know and accept who you were created to be.

I see you,

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